Sunday, October 23, 2011

Current Trends In Soft Window Treatments

Draperies are back and these are some of the current trends whether you want full functioning draperies or decorative side panels:

- Velvets are popular for panels and draperies. They add a sense of luxury because of the way the fabric catches the light.
-Sheers are popular in dramatic colors and textures. Many types of sheers are available such as iridescence and printed.
-Longer 6" pleats are popular. Double pleats are the newer trend rather than triple.

-The preferred length of draperies is with a slight break on the floor, much like the way trousers break over a shoe. The look of draperies with a slight puddle on the floor has replaced the extra-long fabric puddle on the floor.
-Very large prints on fabrics or whimsical prints like zebra stripes or giraffe spots are modern and found on many fabrics.
-Rather than swags & valances more attention is being paid to decorative hardware with rods & finials. Rods & finials are being treated like the jewelry for your draperies or panels. You can find rods & finials of metal, wood, glass, crystal and acrylic.

To add drapery panels to your windows, drop by Sheila's in Crowfoot to view the many fabric, rod & finial options. 250 Crowfoot Cres N.W. for all your Window Covering Needs!

Wallpaper Can be Beautiful

Wallpaper Can be Beautiful
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