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You can always count on Shutters to help make the statement you want your home to make. Depending on the style and features you choose, shutters can add a touch of architectural elegance, a bold accent or the warmth that says "home". Custom-made shutters give you a beautiful range of options to make your home's look truly your own. Sheila's Window Toppers in Crowfoot is an authorized Window Covering Specialist and is one of the largest shutter dealers which will ensure that your shutters are measured, configured and installed for a perfect fit.

To help you discover Shade-O-Matic shutters we are offering a  DISCOUNT of 35% OFF RETAIL if you pay with cheque or debit or 30% OFF Retail if you pay with a Credit Card  to introduce the new Duralux finish on the Poly-satin Shutters.

Polysatin shutters offer leading edge design combined with exceptional durability. Tropics & Seview shutters are flexible enough to be used in any room in your home. They're especially good in rooms such as kitchens, bathrooms and sunrooms- where high temperatures or humidity are an issue.

Tropics Polysatin shutters feature a unique patented gear system, which eliminates the tilt-bar. Seaview shutters have a tilt-bar on the front or back for a more traditional look. Polysatin is UV-resistant and will not warp due to moisture, crack from heat or discolor by sunlight. Every component is impregnated with the new Duralux smooth matte finish and never needs refinishing.

Maxxmar Dark Wood Shutters Radiate Edge!
Hot Colour Trends in Home Design this year, Black! Black, White & Grey are basic neutrals. Black speaks to glamour and black wood shutters radiate edge. At Sheila's in Crowfoot you will see a black MaxXmar Wood shutter on display. It is all about glamour and bling!

Dare to compare our Pricing and Knowledge of shutters! Drop by our One and Only CROWFOOT location and speak to Sheila today.  CALL 403-547-4013

Wallpaper Can be Beautiful

Wallpaper Can be Beautiful
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