Friday, July 9, 2010

Selecting Colors For Your Home

You think you've found the perfect fabrics and colors for your new furniture, draperies or blinds when you are standing before the many fabric and blind samples in our showroom. When you later view them in your home, all of a sudden, the robin's-egg blue no longer looks blue - it's now green! What happened? This is an all too familiar incident for many people when selecting color swatches for paint, upholster, blinds, draperies etc. We have become so accustomed to color, we don't even realize how complicated it can be. We assume that color will stay constant no matter how or where we decide to use it. Light is the key since color is light. Many times we ignore light, not realizing it is more important than the color itself.

Color can be daunting to work with, offering a multitude of possibilities that can make you feel like you are playing a game of roulette to find the perfect color palette. Because of the importance of light in selecting color, it is crucial to examine the colors you are selecting in the lighting source of your own home. Color choices are often made in showrooms without ever seeing the colors in your own home. Showrooms are typically illuminated with multiple light sources. Artificial light sources never render the true color characteristics of fabrics, trims, paint, etc. Fluorescent lights generally emit reddish (warm) or bluish (cool) light that will alter the true colors. At Sheila's Window Toppers, we encourage our clients to come into the showroom for an initial consultation, then, a professional can come to your home to help you make selections for paint, window coverings and fabrics under the light of your own home.

Drop by our Showroom today at 250 Crowfoot Cres. N.W. to start your decorating adventure!

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Wallpaper Can be Beautiful
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