Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Toss Cushions : Adding Design Details

Accessories make a room feel unique and individual. They keep one person's decor from looking like someone elses. Toss cushions are an accessory that can bring color and texture into a room. Consider how different your space can look with toss cushions.

You can use cushions on both chairs and sofas, and they help to soften the lines of contemporary furnishings. The best part of pillows is the way the fabrics can incorporate all of the colours in the room.

At Sheila's on Crowfoot we can make any size or shape of Toss cushion you need. Starting at $12.00 for a luxurious feather form and $25.00 labour, our accent cushions are an affordable way to transform your room. You will also find many Toss cushions already made in our Crowfoot Showroom, ready for you to take home. Prices starting at $25.00 per feather cushion. You can get a lot of design bang for your buck!!

If your home needs to be freshened up, or you want to add some colour and texture to your surroundings, just throw some pillows on the couch and you'll see how they change the look of your space. They don't call them "toss cushions" for nothing!!

Drop by Sheila's at Crowfoot today to see our selection of Toss Cushions!

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Wallpaper Can be Beautiful
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