Friday, November 2, 2012

Design & Demography

Demography can have a large affect on design. Some of the best design is inspired by nature and your surroundings. In Mexico for example you are surrounded by desert and wild colourful flowers and plants. Their interiors very much reflect that having the same warm bold colours and natural textures you find in the rocks and sands.

            Frank Lloyd Wright is still to this day deemed as one of the greatest architects of all time. That has a lot to do with his integration of nature and demography with his designs. His Prairie style houses featured extended low buildings with shallow, sloping roofs, clean sky lines, overhangs and terraces all in unfinished materials. These were known as the first open floor plans and were supposed to mirror their surroundings. Windows were put wherever possible and were long and low allowing a connection between the interior and nature outside


            Here in southern Alberta we have a great natural pallet to work with. With the large open sky, wheat fields, woods and furs, we have a lot that can inspire our interiors. Use our surroundings to inspire your own interiors by using warm golds, browns and grays. Add pops of color in accents with blues and greens. Try and use woods and stones that are found in your surrounding area, it also cuts down on the cost of importing goods. If you need some guidance tying your design with your demography, Sheila’s Window Toppers & More offers Design Packages to suit all your design needs.

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Wallpaper Can be Beautiful
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